Artemy is Back with Ideas

Hi Bruce, This is Artemy. I’m back and I do want to visit you. Tell me when would be a good time. We had a great trip. Most of it was in the fourth layer, but we visited friends on New Trada. We tried to persuade Lem to do something about how screwed up Origin […]

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Hi Bruce, Well. That is a pretty interesting theory. I have one serious question. What happens if the lines don’t cross at π? That would mean that looking a different direction allowed one to see only one quarter of the stars. So what? May be πi is where the Big Bang is. It might look […]


Dear Sallys, a Theory

Dear Sallys, Sorry, it’s taken so long to answer, but showing how my model could work in three dimensions took some time. As it is I have another topic to talk about first. The question you asked requires equations to answer so I’ll leave it till last. Then those who don’t like equations can read […]

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Reply to Bruce by Sallys

Hi Bruce I like your universe. It has become formed enough that I am limited in my comments. Just because I cheated on Lemma doesn’t mean I will cheat on Magda and Avita. I really do believe as they did about Origin (your Earth) that people from outside should only have very limited influence on […]

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Letter from Sallys

Hi Bruce, This is Sallys. Artemy and Maglie are off to New Trada to ask if there is any help for how screwed up Artemy thinks Origin (Earth) is. She actually managed to contact Lem, but he pointed out that he almost never manipulates and as catastrophes go this is pretty minor. He didn’t even […]

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To My Galactic Pen Pal

Hi Artemy (Maglie and Sallys too), Sorry I took so long to answer your letter. You did answer most of my questions. I looked up movement through a fluid and did follow what you said. It still sounds like a hypothesis to me. I will try to answer your questions and then maybe ask you […]

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Hi, Bruce, Thanks for the letter on your blog. I wasn’t expecting it and only found it by chance. The funeral by the way was in June of 2016. Such interesting questions. I’ll answer them as best I can. First of all, I see your problem with our model re fuel consumption. First of all, […]

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