Letter from Sallys

Hi Bruce,

This is Sallys. Artemy and Maglie are off to New Trada to ask if there is any help for how screwed up Artemy thinks Origin (Earth) is. She actually managed to contact Lem, but he pointed out that he almost never manipulates and as catastrophes go this is pretty minor. He didn’t even manipulate during the Galactic War. She is convinced that there is help on New Trada, but I doubt it. You guys will just have to solve your own problems.

In her place I will try to answer some of your questions You know as much about civilizations that have destroyed themselves as we do. They had pretty much all come back by the war. You know about Metcalm, Atwood, and Primus. As to your question about Cluvius, it is thriving and yes it is virtually all Furrie. Tovaz, as I understand it, is coming along. I mean, it’s not what it was.

Now I have something for you. I should have looked harder at Artemy’s chart in the first letter. The segments are wrong for not only a so-called Archimedes spiral, but for any known spiral. Also the length of the spiral is not equal to pi times the radius. In fact if the radius is one, the length of the spiral should be 3.38304 rather than 3.14159. That of course changes all the segments. Worse is that if the length of the spiral is to be 13.8 (in billion of light years, of course), then the radius must be changed from 4.397 to 4.074. This would mean a new table of segment lengths. I will not redo those unless you ask me to. They changed more than they would by just dividing by a constant.

Before I close, I would like to say that neither Maglie nor I broke our promise to Lem. We just went against what he strongly advised. You, who wrote “Dogmas, Gods, and Simulcrons”, should know that and that we never intended to obey forever.


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