Reply to Bruce by Sallys

Hi Bruce

I like your universe. It has become formed enough that I am limited in my comments. Just because I cheated on Lemma doesn’t mean I will cheat on Magda and Avita. I really do believe as they did about Origin (your Earth) that people from outside should only have very limited influence on the evolution of culture. In your case your “theory” demands an answer that goes to far. I will say, however, that it is a very Lokoshim-like effort.

As to when Artemy and my sister will be back, it will be awhile. We can go awfully fast, but we don’t yet travel at infinite speed. Our messages do nearly, but not us. We can’t travel around the outside of the cover like you suggest. Earth does not have gates.

We may have to consider installing them if you continue to go the way of planets like Trada. They, as you recall, had to be linked to a garden planet to maintain the integrity of their atmosphere. I’m not sure of Lemma’s response to that, but Big Planet has the technology. It kind of flies against the philosophy of Magda, but I am not a fanatic. Anyway, it’s better than bringing in troops.

Anyway, enough. I leave you with a challenge. The algorithms for the two, and  three- dimensional covers of a three or four-dimensional sphere are easy, but what would be the algorithm for the equivalent spirals?

Good luck, Write again.


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