Artemy Invite

Hi Artemy (at al.),

First things first. Can you visit soon after New Years? My birthday is in mid January. Second, if Lenar had behaved differently, you might be here, though I doubt it, but I am sure I wouldn’t be. It seems unlikely that you would have had the conversation with Lemma that I reported. It is open to question whether I would have written any of the books if it weren’t for that discussion between Lemma and Jeevra in my fourth book, “Gods Dogmas and Simulcrons”. Still, I think I might have because the galaxy needs to know its history. I mean, there is a history of a galaxy existing far away and long ago. It seems clear that it was populated by Progeny. Were they descendants of peoples who fled the Space Angels? Anyway, the fact that the conversation was in the fourth book should not diminish the perception of its importance. I have always felt that the fourth book was philosophically the most important.

I have a math question to ask you. While studying hyperspheres to figure out how to generalize my one-dimensional universe to a more multi-dimensional version, I discovered a strange relationship. I have asked the question on forums, but no on seems to want to answer it. It deals with volume of n-dimensional covers of n+1-dimensional balls. Specifically if you multiply the formula (2**R—the one-dimensional circumference of a disc) times the formula for the volume of any n+1 ball, the result will be the formula for an n+3 sphere around an n+4 ball. For example multiply 2**R times the volume of lets say a 23-dimensional ball you will get the formula for the volume of a 24-dimensional cover of a 25-dimensional sphere. The figure below shows this for up to eight dimensions. 

Physically speaking, why? Does the multiplication represent a rotation? That is my question. I have asked on a number of forums and just get ignored. Does nobody know?

Sorry you got nowhere with Lemma. I understand the size of the galaxy and what’s under his watch, but we are hell bent on destroying our planet and it does have a unique place in our galaxy at least temporally. I hope he’s not doing anything because he is angry over what I wrote and what I revealed.

I’ll close. Looking forward to seeing you.

Your friend,


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