Hi, Bruce,

Thanks for the letter on your blog. I wasn’t expecting it and only found it by chance. The funeral by the way was in June of 2016. Such interesting questions. I’ll answer them as best I can. First of all, I see your problem with our model re fuel consumption. First of all, it is just a model based on our knowledge of math and not our sparse knowledge of physics. Now assume that the density of a fluid, and space can be considered a fluid, is proportional to the space in which the molecules or dark matter particles are held. Resistance to motion is proportional to density in air. In space there is no air, but there is reason to believe that dark matter and/or dark energy have density and resistance to motion. Some one on Big Planet does claim that, while power to move an object through an ordinary fluid at very high speeds (certainly near light speed qualifies) is related to the cube of velocity, it is related to the fifth power of a number produced by multiplying black matter times velocity. If the amount of black matter is the same in all universes then the density would be greater in the inner universes and hence power consumption would increase. That’s a guess, but my best answer.

I had to laugh at you concern with clothes. Clothes are indeed gender specific on many planets, but around Big Planet and New Terre there is almost no difference in what males and females wear or what toys they play with as kids. Males produce sperm and are generally stronger than females who produce ova. Either or both take care of the children in a family. Generally, if one parent is a fey, he or she will take care of the children. I guess that means females do more often because there are more fey females. That is not a social rule, but just an educational convenience.

Why I led you to the box. Well, I knew Maglie wanted a descendent of her friend William to find it and I was at the time in New Hampshire and suddenly there was a descendent of William at the same bar as me. We all kept track of the box and I knew it was in the barn in Gilsum. So… what better time. It was that serendipitous. I think otherwise we would have waited till after Jeevra died. She was very close.

Now, let me ask you some questions. Did you ever wonder about the witches in Salem and elsewhere? Do you think if everyone wore the same clothes, played with the same toys, and had equality in opportunity there would fewer people dissatisfied with how they were born, that is male or female? Are you bothered by what Lemma told Maglie and Sallys? Am I right that you particularly liked Lisal Gressaf? Why? I’m not challenging you or finding fault. I’m just curious.

So those are my questions for now. I will have more if you reply. I hope you do.

Bye for now,


PS Maglie and Sally say “Hi.”

PPS Maglie wants to know what you think would have happened if Lenar had acted differently?

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