To My Galactic Pen Pal

Hi Artemy (Maglie and Sallys too),

Sorry I took so long to answer your letter. You did answer most of my questions. I looked up movement through a fluid and did follow what you said. It still sounds like a hypothesis to me.

I will try to answer your questions and then maybe ask you some more. Regarding the witches of Salem, I never believed they were witches at all, but rather there problems were the result of ignorance. Are you suggesting that perhaps they were really feys or at least some were?

As to your second question, I don’t know that it would solve all the problems of gender identity but it would sure help. I am sure the more boxes you have to put people in the more opportunity for people at the borders to feel misplaced. However, here the dominant role is the male roll. Women get more opportunities than they used to, but really they have play the male role to do it. It is hard to imagine a prominent tennis player deciding to wear lace panties and a tutu.

I am in no way bothered by what Lemma told Maglie and Sallys.

Yes, I did particularly like Lisal. She was fierce in a way that I have always believed little girls should be. Having said that many if not most of the fierce little girls I have know had quite troubled teen ages. However, troubled as the teen-age years were, they all turned out to be sensational adults. As to Lisal, she was fierce about justice. I liked that. She is not the only person in the stuff you gave me that I liked. I liked Lenar and certainly wondered just how different the galaxy would have been if she had made a different choice.

So here are my questions. Do you know a lot about worlds that have destroyed themselves? I got the feeling that Metcalm did. Have you had any contact with Lemma other than at the funeral? What has happened to Cluvius? Is it still all Furrie? Actually, I would like to know about all the original planets. Also the Tovazi.

So I’ll close for now. Hope you write back.



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