Route to Spiral Universe

A little more than a year ago I devised a blog to sell my book quartet (The Grandchildren of Lemma or It consisted of a series of letters between three characters from the books and me. After awhile it evolved into a discussion of a theory of the universe created by an aboriginal girl […]

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A Summary by Artemy

Hi Bruce,       This is Artemy writing. I have been looking at your and our astrophysics articles. I have decided that without breaking what we three call  “Magda’s law” there is stuff I can remind you of and also tell you. Although I don’t see a breach in “Magda’s law” I’m sure Maglie and Sallys would. They […]

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After a Long Hiatus

Hi,           Are you still here during this virus? We haven’t corresponded for ages. Did you like my “solution” for layers? I’m glad we didn’t postpone your visit Artemy. During this time I have been thinking of a number of things due to my increased reading.          The first has to do with the dimensionality of a […]

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My Take on Layers

Dear Maglie et al.             I will have to confess I have thought of a way to do layers. Let’s assume that there is a four-dimensional cover on a five-dimensional ball. We have used w, x, y, and z so let’s add v. The equation for the cover is:                                                             v²+w²+x²+y²+z²=R². However, if v is a constant for every layer so that each layer […]

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Problems Brought up by Maglie

Dear Bruce,             If you’d like to speculate, note that you haven’t brought up any of the problems that exist even in your books. What happens to your universe with the disk (using your explanation)? If the disks are the same in circumference, then the disk where light travelled at over 15,000 times the sped of […]

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Re accelerating Universe

Hi Guys,                         One interesting implication of a space-time universe is that we cannot calculate the mass of the universe at any one time. Lemma can see the cover of our four dimensional ball, but we cannot. We can see other planets or galaxies at some earlier point in time than we are at. Remember as […]

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Artemy’s Thank You Note

Dear Bruce,Just a letter to thank you for being such a wonderful host. We had a great time together didn’t we even though it was cold, cold. In the woods you have all sorts of animals. It could be fun, fun. I wished you could change cause that would have been even more fun. After […]

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PS from Bruce to Artemy

Hi Artemy, Me again. I left out an interesting part to my unanswered question. By defining the 1-dimensional length of a line as 2*R and using the length of the circumference of a circle, 2*π*R, as the main multiplier, I can generate all the volumes of hyper-covers and hyper-balls simply by multiplying by 2*π*R and […]

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Artemy Invite

Hi Artemy (at al.), First things first. Can you visit soon after New Years? My birthday is in mid January. Second, if Lenar had behaved differently, you might be here, though I doubt it, but I am sure I wouldn’t be. It seems unlikely that you would have had the conversation with Lemma that I […]

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