Artemy’s Thank You Note

Dear Bruce,
Just a letter to thank you for being such a wonderful host. We had a great time together didn’t we even though it was cold, cold. In the woods you have all sorts of animals. It could be fun, fun. I wished you could change cause that would have been even more fun.
After I left, I had an epiphany. I was looking at the equation for the length of a spiral: l = a / 2 * [ φ * √ 1 + φ² + ln( φ + √ 1 + φ² ) ] and I realized that the equation had to have a positive second derivative which means that as the line drawing the spiral, the universe. around the growing circle not only grows longer with time, but it accelerates like our universe is doing. Thus with a steady push from the big bang, our spiral universe, including time, would accelerate. How ‘bout that? No weird gravity particles required. Also if one could bypass the time dimension and set it to zero, we should be able to buzz around the outer circle that Lemma can see, presumable instantaneously. Maybe information or some particle can potentially do that.

Anyway that is my contribution to our running discussion of the spiral universe.

Thanks again,

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