FTL, Clothes, Gender, and Stuff

Hi Artemy,

What a welcome surprise. I never thought I’d hear from any of you. Hey, I didn’t even know Maglie and Sallys were still alive. I would have assumed you were. Since I’ve got you, I have several questions to ask. The first is about FTL. I don’t see how your model of a smaller universes is reasonable given that space crafts run out of fuel much faster in the’ faster’ layers. It seems to me that if you are right battles in these layers would be no different than in our own layer. Clarify, please. By the way who besides those originating from Big Planet still effectively fly faster then light?

A have a thought. If you’re right does amount of dark energy have anything to do with it? I guess you know that right now on my planet there is a big push to identify dark energy. Some are even postulating about it as a fifth force. It doesn’t seem like I-waves, though.

The second is about clothes. Some of the material I found in the barn does talk about the difference between what males and females wear, but not much. Here on Origin (Earth) as you might know there has been a big to-do about a tennis player wearing a kind of cat suit. Many females say it wouldn’t have happened to a male, but I have to wonder what the response would be if one of the top male tennis players wore a little skirt and lace panties. Is what someone wears such a big deal elsewhere? What about makeup? Lots of our people want to change gender. I have to wonder if a lot of it is not due to gender roles being so restrictive. A little boy playing with dolls is thought of as girl like. Why? Is that true on say Big Planet?

Why did you lead me to the box in the barn if some of the stuff in there was supposed to be so secret?

By the way, when was the funeral? It must have been recently, because you knew stuff that is pretty recent. You don’t have a date on your letter or a return address for that matter. I am going to post this on my blog and hope that you read it.



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