After a Long Hiatus


          Are you still here during this virus? We haven’t corresponded for ages. Did you like my “solution” for layers? I’m glad we didn’t postpone your visit Artemy. During this time I have been thinking of a number of things due to my increased reading.

         The first has to do with the dimensionality of a simulator. Alvin Sandor and his friends simulated a three-dimensional universe although they were only three dimensional themselves. I assume that Lemma is at least four dimensional or more likely five. Let us go back to our earlier examples. The spiral universe in a two-dimensional disc is completely visible to three-dimensional me. I see planets as vectors projecting from the origin. I can see where the spirals intersect with those vectors producing a point that looks like a plant to a one-dimensional being. The outer ring of the disc is the universe now, almost all of which is invisible (unmeasurable) to the one-dimensional being. I see the vectors as the arrows of time, but I do see them all at once. However, if I were two dimensional, I could still see the entire disc, but not all at once. If I were one dimensional, I could only see down my spiral universe, all the stars, but not at the same point in time. What I see would be my measurable universe and from the standpoint of most thought today, that is my universe.

         Before we get to Alvin Sandor let us look at the situation where we have a three-dimensional ball containing a two-dimensional spiral universe. The vectors from the origin are still the arrows of time. I can see the entire ball. but not at the same time. By walking around the shell, I can see all of NOW.

         What about Alvin Sandor? His monitors give him a two-dimensional (Or like our eyes, a two-dimensional projections merged into an apparent three-dimensional image) projection of the three-dimensional surface of a four-dimensional ball. He sees small pieces of an advancing NOW, but the arrow of time is invisible unless he can rewind. The universe exists in the equations that he can solve for in small samples. Only his ability to make his universe two dimensional by the use of projections can he see what one can see of a universe while looking at is from a single higher dimension. Lemma, if he if he lives in a five-dimensional universe, can see our entire three-dimensions universe, including time, all at once. Does that mean that the leader of the Most Holy Titanic Gods (Lemma’s “god”) must have lived in at least seven dimensions and those above him in nine plus?

         Thinking of Alvin Sandor and his friends reminds me of stuff I read about the simulation hypothesis and realized the way almost everyone approached it was very different from the way Alvin and hi friends approaches simulated worlds. They did set out to play the worlds or even manipulate them much. Alvin’s idea was to figure out the appropriate first laws or conditions and start a process that would grow into a universe. He was most interested in what initial conditions eventually evolved into sentient life. His universe was mainly a set of interlocking algorithms that could be viewed at various times at various parts on a screen. The universe grew without being viewed. However, until it was needed or being observed, a physical object did not exist, in a Copenhagen school sort of way. Does the inside of a telephone pole exist until you cut it or split it? To not do so would save a lot of energy When one of the friends of Alvin had created a world of beings who were ready to go to their moon, he had to write software so that there would be a real moon to land on.

         That brings up another difference. In most of the simulation-hypothesis writings, there is distinction between real and simulated. In the Grandchildren of Lemma” there is no such distinction. Our world, the ones Alvin’s friends, and even Lemma’s world above ours if you like are simulations. The worlds of Lemma’s “gods” are simulations and so forth on up. There is of course way more, but you were there, Maglie and Sallys. You actually read the wall. My readers and I have read what it said, but see beneath the towering walls ice beside an impregnable building, Wow!

         Third, I found myself interested in the concept of the universe expanding at a rate such that we can no longer see the Big Bang. For the moment let’s examine what we today accept as the size of the universe (Different eras have believed in smaller sizes). The radius of the observable universe is pegged at about 44 x 10∧½ metres. Light travelling 299,792,458 metres per second has travelled 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang till now. Now suppose that the fastest speed in our universe that we can measure is the speed of a fast neutron (.047 times the speed of light or about 14,090,245 metres per second). It would take about 168 quintillion years to reach us from the point of the Big Bang. Well, the universe is not that old. Just how far could a fast neutrino travel in 13.8 billion years. The answer is only 648,600,000 light years. That is to say that the furthest star we could see would be less than 650 million light years away. We couldn’t come close to seeing the Big Bang. What would they think they were seeing?

         Now suppose light is to the really fastest “particle” (say the hermeton) like the neutron speed is to light speed. That is to say the fastest particle goes about 27.28 times the speed of light. Two things are possible. It would reach us in 648,600,000 years. The other is that the age of the universe is really about 29.36 billion hermeton years old. We could only see stars 648,600,000 hermeton years away, nowhere near the beginning. Note that in both cases there is a Big Bang, but the universe might look as if it were infinite.

         However, as you know, that because of time the observable universe is not a sphere (unless you are looking from at least four dimensional), but rather a three dimensional spiral. Earlier we have discussed that the three-dimensional cover of a four-dimensional ball is

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