Problems Brought up by Maglie

Dear Bruce,

            If you’d like to speculate, note that you haven’t brought up any of the problems that exist even in your books. What happens to your universe with the disk (using your explanation)? If the disks are the same in circumference, then the disk where light travelled at over 15,000 times the sped of light, the universe would appear to be in the neighborhood of 912 million years old using their light years. Also gates are virtually instantaneous so indeed one does essentially go around the outside. I guess the most important thing that let our galaxy function as it has is the speed of communication being  much, much faster than the speed of light. Of course all we really know about what is happening in our galaxy That at max speed it takes seven years to cross. We do know that it appears to be true for the nearby clusters and probably to Andromeda. That is a 210 year trip at 15000 times the speed of light in our disk. I think The Ark went to Virgo and that is a trip of 4000 years or so at 15,000 times the speed of light. 

            Then there are the Space Angels from the first and slowest disk. They break all the rules. Anyway your or really Lokoshim’s theory works just fine for this disk. If what Lemma told Sallys and me is true, then I would not hazard a guess as to the rules of our universe. What are the algorithms?

Your friend,


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